Yule 2021

Join South Bay Circles as we take a guided meditation to see Frau Holda, Santa, and Santa’s not-so-nice-assistant Krampus.

In order to fully enjoy the experience, it’s recommended that we set up our altars with the elements and be prepared to join in casting circle and calling the quarters but, it’s not mandatory. BUT you’ll definitely want to have “cakes and ale” (a drink and small food choice).

Participants might want to also have on hand a broom of any kind:  large, small, floor, counter, whisk broom, hairbrush, vacuum cleaner brush attachment, Roomba, whatever.  Smallish is better.  Plus, quarter sheets of paper (or smaller) and a writing implement of choice.  While not required, a tambourine/shaker/etc. for dancing would appropriate. There will be some recorded music.

January 1, 2022, at 7 pm PST