Beltane 2022, SBC and ABS Present

Beltane 2022, Hosted by SBC and ABS (Amy and Bill)


Sat., May 7, 2022

3:00 pm – 5:00-ish

Murphy Park, Sunnyvale
250 N Sunnyvale Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Parking: There is a small parking lot.  The entrance is near the SW corner of N. Sunnyvale Avenue and E. California Avenue.  Also available is neighborhood parking surrounding the park on 3 sides.

Details: Come to the picnic area closest to the amphitheater/fire circle, between the rec building and Central Expressway, in front of the horseshoe pit.

Seating:  Please bring chairs and/or blankets. The ritual presenters need the picnic tables for the crafts (see below).  Therefore, there may not be room for sitting at the tables. 

Food: No communal food will be served.  Eat lunch beforehand and bring a snack for yourself as desired.  Water and bottled drinks will be provided.

Activity: We will make crafts for the small Beltane wreath as well as male, female, and multi-gendered corn dollies. As personal decoration, bunny ears are always welcome.

COVID: Per the Santa Clara County site, as of March 1, 2022, current Santa Clara County indoor masking requirements have been lifted.  Outside, before approaching another person, please consider erring on the side of masking as needed.

Ritual Etiquette: Be polite, friendly, and considerate of others.

Use common sense.

Ask the owner before touching items (drums, altar items, jewelry, etc.)

Stop chatting and turn off your phone when the ritual is about to start.

Rituals are participatory, so please join in when asked.

A cast circle is a sacred space so don’t be disruptive.

Assist in the post-event clean-up – please take care of your own trash.

Be discreet if you run into people elsewhere, not all Pagans are public about it.

Donation: Please consider giving a donation (suggested at $20). The requested donations are used to pay for our insurance and site rental fees. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but these contributions are essential to our continued existence.

South Bay Circles (SBC) is an association of several local groups, covens, and solitaries who come together for the specific purpose of presenting shared ritual celebrations of the Eight Sabbats of the year in the San Francisco South Bay Area.