Our Member Groups

Herne’s Oak
Herne’s Oak is a NROOGD Tradition coven. Please email: hernesoak1@gmail.com for more info.

Laughing Blue Jays Coven
Laughing Blue Jays Coven is based on the ritual structure of Waxing Moon Circle originally founded by Julie Tower and Alison Harlow, and it is two years old. Please contact Liz Lee. Email: liz@funghi.com

LunaCirca is an eclectic women's circle that has been meeting in the San Jose, CA area since 1987. We are always open to new members, and have an inclusive definition of women.

Rosemary Grove
Rosemary Grove is the outer-court name of a Gardnerian coven in San Jose. We are happy to meeti compatible folk. Contact Annelise or email rosemary@rosemarygrove.org 

The Oak Court
A Gardnerian outer-court coven. Please contact Jason Mankey. Email: panmankey@gmail.com

Waxing Moon Circle
Waxing Moon Circle is a working/training Wiccan Circle that meets in the Mountain View-Palo Alto area of California. Founded in 1982, WMC meets the first Saturday after each Dark Moon. We also teach classes the previous Saturday. Our Tradition is somewhat similar to British Traditional Wicca. We welcome guests to many of our activities. Email:irichmond@yahoo.com
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