Ritual Etiquette & Potluck Info

Ritual –
Do not show up late, it is very disruptive.

Cell phones should be turned off before ritual begins.

Respect the working tools of others; do not touch any items without the owner’s permission.

All participants should conduct themselves in a manner respectful of the Gods, your HPS & HP, as well as all the other people in attendance.

A circle is participatory. Once the rite begins, focus and follow the direction of the HPS/HP, the time for talking and socializing is over.

Most groups have an informal segment of the circle after the ritual food and drink have been shared. This is a time to relax, discuss magickal topics, and get to know each other, share and make plans for future events. This is not the time to critique the ritual, or it’s participants.


Potluck/Feast –
Please bring food that is ready to serve.

Mark your platter/bowls/serving utensils and remember to take them with you (along with any leftovers) when you leave.

If possible, label your food for those with dietary restrictions.

Main dishes, salads, side dishes, desserts, non-alcoholic beverages to share are all welcome.

Help with the cleanup afterwards is always greatly appreciated.


celebrate the seasons of the ritual year with us